Welcoming the arrival of your new little bundle of joy? We have specially designed and curated a set of our baby collection items to celebrate this beautiful occasion for your baby girl. Our Baby Girl Gift Set includes:


1. Baby Girl Calligraphy Floral Frame (personalisable)

"You are so loved; for the girl you are, the woman you will become, and the precious daughter you will always be. Love, Mummy & Daddy"


Our Baby Girl Calligraphy Floral Frames are designed to celebrate the arrival of your little girl to the family.


Our personalised Baby Girl Calligraphy Floral Frames comes with a lovely baby quote that has been pre-selected which can be customized to your little girl with her name. We designed and handwrite the quote in calligraphy, complemented with beautiful elegant flourishes. The quote is handwritten on natural handmade deckle-edge paper in a blush pink colour.


To finish it off beautifully, the quote is decorated with dried flowers and leaves and pressed into our wooden glass frames. Each flower, leaf and petal is carefully selected from our dried flowers collection and placed in the frame to make up a beautiful border that surrounds out the quote.


Each frame is uniquely designed just for you, no two frames are the same.



Pictures shown are reference of Calligraphy Floral Frames designed for past clients. They are only meant as a reference to the final product. Calligraphy quote will be the same but with your customized name. Pressed floral arrangement is unique to each frame and will be solely designed by The Letter V Stationer.


2. Baby Girl Milestone Diary Cards (Pink) with Frame


Celebrate and remember the growth of your little girl with our Baby Milestone Diary cards. Simple and minimalist in a dusty pink colour for every milestone to remember by.


Our Baby Milestone Diary cards can be used two ways. The front page is designed for taking milestone photos with your baby girl as she grows older day by day, month and year. With white text and illustrations on a dusty pink background, it is perfect for capturing photos with your sweet little girl.


Apart from using them to capture those milestone photos with, our cards also double-up as a diary for you to pen down every milestone and memory your little girl made. At the back of each card, record every little step and moment she made in the past month that you would never want to forget.

Baby Girl Gift Set

  • Baby Girl Calligraphy Floral Frame (personalisable)

    Size of frame: approx. 8 inch (width) by 10 inch (height), 1.5 inch thick

    Frame colour: White

    Handmade paper: Blush pink

    Calligraphy ink colour: White ink


    Baby Girl Milestone Diary Cards (Pink) with Frame

    Card size: A6 (105mm by 148mm)

    Material: Printed on 280gsm card stock


    White text and illustrations on dusty pink background (front page)

    Dusty pink text on white background (back page)


    Consists of 17 pieces of milestone cards, double-sided, from

    • Baby Milestone Cards (cover page)
    • Hello world, I am here
    • Today, I am one month old
    • Today, I am two months old
    • … (up to)...
    • Today, I am four years old

    Back page allows you to record the date for all those milestones and memories your baby made in the past month/year. (refer to photo for reference)

    Comes with photo frame to place your card in for photo taking.

    Photo frame size: 142mm by 185mm, 40mm thick

    Photo frame colour: White

    Please note photo frame is made of wood and glass so do be careful when handling near your baby.


    ***Note: We have changed the photo frame used for our Baby Milestone Diary cards hence the ones in the gift set photos above are inaccurate. (Details provided are updated and accurate.) The new frame is will look exactly the same as the calligraphy floral frame but in a smaller size. Fors accurate picture of the new frame, check out the last 3 photos in this listing.