Looking for an activity to do with your family/friends without heading out? 

The Letter V Stationer have collaborated with Med Kärlek Inc to organise a casual and fun Instagram Live workshop involving simple watercolour and calligraphy techniques. In this workshop, we want you to slow down and spend time with your family and/or friends in the comfort of your homes while creating art with us.


To follow in with us during the workshop, we have specially put together our Slow Down Workshop Kit available for purchase. All the materials provided will be used during the workshop for you to learn and create an artwork of your own.


Slow Down Workshop Kit

Abstract Watercolour kit by Med Kärlek Inc

- a set of 12 Pentel watercolour paints

- a set of 5 watercolour brushes

- 1 paint palette

- 8 pieces of watercolour paper

Basic Calligraphy Scratch kit by The Letter V Stationer

-  a calligraphy exemplar for reference

- 2 pieces of scratch cards with draft quotes to trace (quotes given at random)

- 8 pieces of empty scratch cards

- 2 scratch sticks

- 1 Pilot Twin marker 


+ Instagram TV workshop involving basic watercolour and calligraphy techniques (approx. 60mins in total)


By purchasing our kit, you will be able to follow along with us on our Instagram TV workshop where we used the materials to demonstrate basic watercolour and calligraphy techniques. During the workshop, you (and your family/friends) will be able to learn the techniques and create a final artwork which can be framed up in your home or would make a lovely card for someone.


PS. We have Set of 5 kits available at a group rate if you have a group of 5 to join in on our workshop together. So gather your friends and have fun together! (Note that the set of 5 kits will be sent to one location.)

Slow Down Workshop Kit

  • The Instagram Live Workshop is over. It was held by both The Letter V Stationer and Med Kärlek Inc on our respective Instagram profile. To watch our video, please head to our Instagram profiles. The live session has been uploaded as Instagram TV on our feed.

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