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Hello, my name is Verniecia and I am the calligrapher and hand lettering artist behind The Letter V Stationer.


I have always loved arts and craft since young but have never pursued it in school because it was not a common education path in Singapore for me to even consider. Despite so, I was often called out by friends to draw birthday cards because of my ’nice’ handwriting and drawings (which I always gladly obliged because I love it). At that time, I have never heard of hand lettering or calligraphy to even know it was a ’thing'. Until university in 2014, I chanced upon an online article about Hand Lettering and I was totally fascinated. It opened up a whole new world of lettering for me. I started hand lettering first, then picked up brush and dip pen calligraphy over the years. After a few years as a side hobby, I decided to take it further and started The Ink Perfection. 


The Ink Perfection started in 2016 as a side business, providing my calligraphy and lettering services for weddings, events and workshops. In 2019, it was rebranded as The Letter V Stationer after I left my full-time job to pursue this passion. It was renamed as such with the initial of my name, Verniecia, and to represent my passion for lettering. 


With The Letter V Stationer, I hope to inspire others to slow down and appreciate the art of analog penmanship by providing the special touch to a gift or occasion through the art of calligraphy and lettering. And at the same time, spread this beautiful form of art with the community through workshops and events.


So, if you have any idea we can work together on, please feel free to share with me. Or feel free to browse through the website to check out my previous works and items available for purchase. 

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