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TLV Calligraphy Guide Sheets are designed mainly for calligraphers and lettering artists looking to draft your quotes, messages, passages etc. It can sometimes also be useful for drawing illustrations.


These guide sheets were initially designed by and for our in-house calligrapher, Verniecia, to cater to her needs when drafting quotes for commissioned pieces such as our Calligraphy Floral Frames. She has come across many free and paid guide sheets available in the market but wanted something that provides everything that she looks for in one. Hence, she designed her own and we are sharing this for FREE with anyone looking for one with similar needs.


To find out how she uses them to draft out her quotes, check out the blog post here.


***TLV Calligraphy Guide Sheets are strictly for personal use only. Please do not forward to your friends. Instead, do share with them this link and get them to download their own files from here.

TLV Calligraphy Guide Sheets

    1. A small space - to jot down the quote for reference
    2. A centre line - to centralise the quote to
    3. Grid lines equal to the x-height, with a marker for every 5 units of measurement – we have 3 sizes in 5mm, 4mm and 3mm
    4. Multiple slant lines - to ensure a consistent slant for every letter and word
    5. Faint Grid lines – so that it is not too distracting
    6. Grid must be able to fit the actual paper used for final artwork - ie. A5 size, 5x7", A6 size, 4x6" or smaller


    For a tutorial on how our calligrapher, Verniecia, uses our Calligraphy Guide Sheets to draft her quotes, please refer to this blog post here.

    1. How to download, print and use

    2. Add this item to cart and checkout. You will be able to download the file in the next page or via the link in the order confirmation email.
    3. Choose the guide sheet in the size that is suitable for your quote or text
    4. Print your chosen guide sheets in actual size (ie. scale to 100%) so that the measurements are accurate for use.
    5. Start using them for drafting your quote or text.


    To learn how to make full use of our guide sheets, you can check out our blog post here to find out how our calligrapher, Verniecia, uses them to draft out her quotes.

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