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Wedding Vow Booklets – With my whole heart, For my whole life


Personalised Wedding Vow Booklets designed specially for you on your big day.

Handwritten in calligraphy with gold ink on white cotton handmade paper, our wedding vow booklets are designed to reflect the love that you have for each other. In this design, we have chosen the quote “With my whole heart, For my whole life” to represent this love. Personalised with your names as well, our wedding vow booklets can be used on your wedding day as you read your vows to each other, and as a keepsake after the wedding.


You can also customise it with the silk ribbon colours of your choice, depending on your wedding colour/theme. Some popular Groom & Bride colour combinations are:

  • Dusty Blue & Blush Pink
  • Grey & Burgundy
  • Grey & Blush Pink
  • Dusty Blue & Beige

Wedding Vow Booklets - With my whole heart, For my whole life

Groom's Ribbon Colour
Bride's Ribbon Colour
  • Size: A6 (approx. 105 by 148 mm)

    Paper: Handmade white cotton deckle-edge paper

    Ribbon: Handmade silk ribbon in colour of your choice

    Design (as shown in photos):

    With my whole heart

    For my whole heart

    (Bride/Groom’s name) | Wedding date


    Each booklet is made out of two pieces of A5 paper folded in half and bound together. There are a total of 6 blank pages to write your vows on. Ribbon is only tied to the first page.

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