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TLV Calligraphy Practice Sheets are designed mainly for calligraphers and lettering artists looking to practise calligraphy and lettering. It can sometimes also be useful for drawing illustrations.


These practice sheets are designed to complement our Calligraphy Guide Sheets which are used for drafting quotes. You can use these Practice Sheets for practising your calligraphy first before using our Guide Sheets to draft your actual quotes or passages. It is suitable for all types of calligraphy practice such as copperplate, blackletter and even modern calligraphy. It also works with different tools (ie. pencil, brush pen, dip pen, broad edge pen etc) as it can be printed on different type of paper according to your use (ie. copier paper, layout paper, watercolour paper etc).


***TLV Calligraphy Practice Sheets are strictly for personal use only. Please do not forward to your friends. Instead, do share with them this link and get them to download their own files from here.

TLV Calligraphy Practice Sheets

    1. Grid lines equal to the x-height, with a marker for every 5 units of measurement – we have 3 sizes in 5mm, 4mm and 3mm
    2. Multiple slant lines - to ensure a consistent slant for every letter and word
    3. Faint Grid lines – so that it is not too distracting
    1. Add this item to cart and checkout. You will be able to download the file in the Thank You page after checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30days.
    2. Choose the guide sheet in the size that you want.
    3. Choose the type of paper to print it on depending on your tool used. (eg. I would recommend PaperOne 100g/m2  inkjet & laser paper for use with dip pens and ink. Standard copier paper works for pencil and brush pens.)
    4. Print your chosen guide sheets in actual size (ie. scale to 100%) so that the measurements are accurate for use.
    5. Start using them to practice your calligraphy.

    If you are looking to draft your quotes or texts instead, you can check out our Calligraphy Guide Sheets here.

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